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IRS Tax Audit Department Scam or Legit? Check IRS Tax Audit Department Reviews below.
Felicia –

Victim Location 63366

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have been receiving calls from someone stating they are with the IRS and calling regarding an audit. The calls are suspicious because the caller has an accent and I can hear several other people in the background seemingly making the same type of calls. To my knowledge I do not owe anything to the IRS so I should not be receiving calls of this nature. When I ask detailed questions or indicate I will contact the they hang up on me. Another red flag for me is that they are calling my business number and not my home or cell.

Jerome –

Victim Location 78542

Type of a scam Tax Collection

I was contacted by this phone # 347-809-3532, caller requested proof of identification: Name and phone number. The caller identified themselves as Officer Adam Wilkins, Badge number BS53LK. The caller claimed there were legal actions pending against me, Case ID# CD38, for fraudulent taxes, totaling $2,195.00. The caller then immediately began threatening that if the call was terminated, their documents would be filed with the federal government and local sheriff and I would be arrested within the hour and brought before the Federal court and found guilty at which point the penalty would then be $85,000.00 plus the original fee. The caller identified two attempts to make contact, stating IRS federal employees from the Tax Audit department had attempted contact at my home twice with registered letters. There was no contact and a ‘Yellow Colored Card’ was left after the second attempt. The phone call was the third and final attempt.

During this time he made mention of the Case Attorney from the IRS Court, James O’Conner. The case attorney had reviewed my documents and stated there were no criminal charges pending, other than the current case being discussed in this phone call, and due to this good luck I could make a small payment; minimum of $500, to hold the documents from being processed and allowing me time to get the remainder of the payment. Also, there would be no mention of these criminal charges and any and all future benefits, employment, or federal assistance would not be penalized in anyway. In order to make this minor payment, minimum $500.00 (he kept restating this point), I needed to use the EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System). There were 3 requirements for this option to be used 1.) I must remain "online", as to say I could not hang up or end the call in any way. 2.) I needed to only use the EFTPS within the allotted time limit of 2 hours. At this point I stated I had no cell phone and could not make a call to acquire the funds unless I ended the current call. The caller was adamant that I not get off the phone and immediately began offering suggestions of "someone else in the household who had a cell phone, go to a neighbors house and borrow a cell phone" as each option he offered had an issue that could not be easily over come (none here had phones, neighbors were over 3 miles away…) he excused himself to speak to the legal department. During that time I ended the call.

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