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Joy –

Victim Location 55372

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up ad with voice stating my computer had been harmed and to call the toll free number.

I called (1st error) and was routed to a "Robbie" guy who wanted access to my computer. He then showed me their website and why they could help me.

All he had me do was to do a quick stop on my computer to stop the ad.

To gain my trust, He Showed me their website, that they were certified in Apple, Microsoft, etc. (When I went back in to see their website, see any reviews of others, the links were "dead’. Dummy buttons.

They wanted to sell me a subscription for all my devices to protect them for 6 years. The price started out around $300 but went to $500.00 with all the different devices. This was a 6 year firewall security, plus 2 years of telephonic technical support. They said to call them only for any problems with any software. "Don’t call apple!" they said.

Red flags were going off when they wanted access to my computer, 1st of all.

2nd red flag was the price.

3rd red flag was the $ to be converted to Chinese yuan!

While they were "educating me" on all the different scams, they were running a bunch of code lines. and would stop every now and then and hover over the firewall button, as they said they were" fixing it".

I own an apple computer and all you need to do is go in and click on the firewall and turn it on or off!

After a lengthy time, all was done.

I knew I was scammed and called them back for a refund. I got the technician," Sean Williams" who spent 20 minutes on the phone with me justifying his work. I asked for a refund and stated that this repair would be free from apple and that a legitimate business wouldn’t be responding to a pop up add! He wouldn’t back down.

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