California Housing Inc.

California Housing Inc. Scam or Legit? Check California Housing Inc. Reviews below.
Tammy –

Victim Location 92509

Total money lost $120

Type of a scam Rental

California Housing Inc. made it look like they were different people with rooms to rent in Riverside County. When called, I found out it was someone with multiple listings. I met with an employee named Abel who said he would help me. He showed me some paperwork that said they took a $200 dollar fee to help out but I told him I could only afford part of that. I gave him $120 and he showed me two properties that day, one where nobody was home. But the following two days Abel started making excuses about when he could meet me. He said 2 pm the next day but then kept changing it to 3, then 4 and finally said 5, 6 or 7 pm. He never met and then said he was supposedly busy with other clients. So he finally promises to meet me the following day (Saturday April 27th) at 2pm. When that time came around he started making more excuses and his phone went right to voice mail. He never bothered to meet up at any of the promised times. So basically he took me for $120 dollars because I was foolish enough to trust him.

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