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Allen –

Victim Location 87122

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Employment

This person said that I would be able to get a job with their company, but I needed to pay for licensing. They refused to give me back my money, and now I am SOL

Kelly –

Victim Location 90804

Type of a scam Employment

There are a number of marijuana employment websites (, is one of them. Looking through the ads, you will find job ads for these positions. You are given a short form to fill out, or send your resume via a email address ie. ([email protected]). Then they send you the following:

*** *** Today at 11:22 AM

To makusan

Thank you for sending your resume in response to the marijuana job posting. The deadline for applications is fast apporching . we will review all applications and invite the best most qualified to interview. We will notify all applicants of our decision no later.

We will screen all applicants and select candidates whose qualifications seem to meet our needs. We will carefully consider your application during the initial screening and will contact you if you are selected to continue in the recruitment process. you will have to read and answer some of the questions below which concerns you

below is our living conditions if you have to relocate and job requirements,we do process some of the documents if you cvant acquire them on your own

dear applicants here are the living conditions and other details of those who wish to work with canna farms here are the living conditions,get back to us with your number so we can talk more. Living arrangements: The worker would have his or her own apartment with two rooms,separate toilet and bathroom, which is huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area and TV/DVD/Video/wifi. There is wireless broadband internet in the house. . You can even use one of our cars during working days! Also 2 weeks are paid holiday during Christmas/New Year plus another 2 weeks during the year. We are looking for workers with a good sense of humor and pay attention.If you weeds you can help us provide a loving environment combining routine and fun for the company then we would like to welcome you to our company . Working hours: 07.30 a.m to 4:30 p.m and 1500 to 1900 Plus about 60-90 minutes for weak break depending on your category a day to fit in with the aupair’s schedule. Benefits : We will be paying you USD 2000 to 4000 DOLLARS $ for every week.A pocket money of USD 100 DOLLARS $ per week. You will be able to study if you want to increase in the ranks and we are ready to support you in any form to know more about weeds. Other information: We will love you to get back to us as soon as possible with the following documents and if not in possession do let us know

DEAR APPLICANT: we got your answers and we must say we are happy with the way you answered it and we need workers as soon as possible,since you dont have the paper work required ,we can process it for you at a cheap price like what we have been doing for other workers,we pay $1700 not $2000 to $4000 as on the first email okay ,that range is for workers that have been in the company for more than 3 years and have positions such as managers and directors ,it will cost $340 for all the documents .the $100 is an allowance given to all workers supporting their cost of living and other expenses ,am happy with your answers and am looking forward to having you in the industry.if you have the money then here is the application form you will have to fill and we shall send you your employment letter in less than 2 days.

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