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Evelyn –

Victim Location 92392

Total money lost $299.95

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product


My mother had seen an infomercial about products to help with sleep. She called the number announced on the commercial and spoke with a so called Dr. Israel Rodriguez on 3/2/2019. This man suggested her to buy a product called Knadix which cost $150 for 5 bottles. He assured my mother that if the product did not work she can return them and get her money back. She immediately had an allergic reaction to this product. The product caused her skin to itch severely. After two days of taking the pills and still having the allergic reaction my mother called CAS Corp again , this time speaking with a Mr. Salazar, my mother explained to him what was going on and Mr. Salazar asked her to take the pills another 7 days to see if she would stop with the symptoms. Pretty much avoiding my mothers situation. Nothing changed for her within those 7 days. Then, after the 7 days passed a Daniela Ramirez called my mother to see how she was doing with the product, my mother explained to her that it was not working and that she was having an allergy to the pills. Daniel Ramirez convinced my mother to buy another product called Vital Cure for $149.95 (3 bottles)and said that this product would help with the allergy and my mother believed it. After 7 days taking the Vital Cure my mother called CAS Corp again for the 3rd time, and spoke with Mr. Salazar again letting him know that none of their products where working for her and that she wanted her money back. He asked her to wait while he transfer her call to the person in charge of the refunds, but instead hung up on her.

On 3/27/2019 my mother called for a 4th time and this time spoke to a Martha , my mother asked her for the money back for the products and Martha advice my mother that the only way that she would get her money back was if she got diagnosed by a doctor and have the diagnosis send to them to prove she was having an allergic reaction.

CAS Corp lied about the money back guarantee and I wouldn’t doubt if their products are fake. They scammed my mother into buying expensive products that simply did not work and only caused her harm.

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