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Francisco –

Victim Location 47022

Type of a scam Debt Collections

So I have been receiving phone calls from number that was located in Florida. I’m thinking to myself I don’t know anyone from Florida So I choose to just igorne the phone calls. So March 5th of this I received this Email that said This is Your Final Warning! With an file attached to it. So I opened it up and there was a case number and everything. The letter supposedly came from an Attorney associated with a Company Named Cash Advance USA. Well for one I have never borrowed money from that company! So I decided to call the number back and when I did The guy that I was talking to tried to tell me that I was going to go to jail of I don’t pay back this loan. The loan was for an extremely amount of money.. The other things that got me was that the gentleman that I was talking to knew where I live,how many kids. Then he even ask me what I was doing the day prior to that day at a 3:00pm. What bill collected does that. So the guy had me going he even threaten me.So he had me right on the edge. I was going to try and find the money. I just had recently lost my job so I went into a full panic. I have server Anxiety attacks..If I wouldn’t of sent everything to my boyfriend who graduated from Law School I would of probably sent them the money. He even assured me that this was a scam. No police officer is going to arrest you for not paying back a loan or a bill. I felt like my whole world had came down right in front of me. I never ever want to feel that way again.

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