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Micah –

Victim Location 77014

Total money lost $4,100

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

A company called Cardmember Service contacted me ys from today April 29th of 2019, claiming they could resolve my past credit card accounts issues with my debts and they can lower it to 0 % interest. I told him that someone called me already from the same company offering me this deal and I turn it down a few months back in February 2019. He replied I could help you reduce all your credit card. I told him no several times on the phone but he was very persistent in helping me. He asked if I can give just 4 the last number of every card has a high balance. I went and gave him what was requested and he gave me the correct amount on each statement. I then asked him you can really remove all this and give me 0 %. He replied all will be wiped out and we will send you a credit card with 0 % and pay off your balance. I asked what was the catch on this only one-time fee to the bank that will send me a new card of $1590.00. Well, I said okay and what’s next step he replied a verification process and a confirmation for the fee will be given after all done. Well, he called the verification department and I was transferred to a Malori Parker, who asked me to repeat my information given to the first representative. I gave her my name, address where to send information and credit card, also my cell and repeat total balance which was $7490.00 not including the fees of $1590.00 = $9080 total to be paid and $123.00 fees to bank for processing this. = $9203.00. She said will be giving me a confirmation which she provided afterward ( 55656027337 ) and that together this amount will be charged one time to a credit card on the file ending in 6678 which belongs my own bank called Compass Bank. I was asked for the bank contact to debiting this fee. I gave her my bank but security seen it as fraud and contacted me on my other line and asked not to do this. I asked the person at my bank why and she said this isn’t real and they could be later. I let Mrs. Parker know to stop all and then was pass to a Greg who was using verbally profanity because I refused to do this. I asked him to stop all and that I decided not to go with it. He refuses to listen and hung up on me. A few days later I was charged $4100.00 to my discover card which I had to pay. I called the Constable Mark Herman Office and had a deputy come and visit me and was provided a case# 20191297864. I believe this company needs to be called on there not only unprofessional and lied and deceive others. I believe they need to be closed down according to several website information concerning there complaints already field.

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