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Carmen –

Victim Location 28083

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I receive a letter to my home from "CDL Administration Services, LTD. Civil Division Mediation Resolutions Department (MRD) San Fransisco, CA, 94111". As I opened the letter it stated it was a notice of bank levy agaisnt me listed in my name with an attached file # my date of birth,address and full social security #. As I read further the letter advised I owed $3,296.43 to an original creditor *** *** with an unfamiliar acct #. The subject of this letter stated : It was a notice of bank levy in default judgement to my name for a consumer credit account for *** ***. It states theres a bank levy default on any banking relationships with my name as well as my spouse until they are paid in full. I have received no prior letters or information pertaining to this so was unaware and unfamiliar with what they were stating I owed. I then later am informed by my wife that she has been receiving phone calls fron a legal services company. My wife was then left a voicemail stating that I must contact a 8337428482 number to a company that didnt even provide a proper name, and threatening that legal documents will be sent to my home and job as well as my wifes until I respond and make a payment to settle with them. They threatened to garnish me and wifes accounts. Everything they stated on Voicemail was also in fake court document of a bank levy that was sent to my home stating that they will have this levy or access to my wages, bank accts etc until this imaginary debt is paid. unknowing what this company is speaking about and concerned on the threats of a bank levy and how they obtained my address and personal info, I called the number back left on VM. I spoke with a ryan presscott who claimed to be a senior legal services rep who was in charge of this case I was unaware of. He stated I owed a outstanding debt with Kay jewelers that needed to be paid or settled today with him for $604 or he would proceed with the bank levy and garnishment of wages. I advised I didnt know of any debt and needed to verifiy I owed a debt to see if accurate, advised I would call back in 24 hours. In that time I called *** *** and the credit companies they’re associated with. They advised I have no outstanding debts and last acct was in 2009. They all advised I owe nothing to the company and they dont operate in collecting their debts as this company is doing. I also checked my credit report and it had no debt from Kay jewelers or any accts associated with them or this company claiming I needed to pay them. I also looked up the company online and couldn’t find any info on them, but there were claims that people received the same threatening calls and letters. When I called them back next day I asked for info on where they were located and they said they are based out of CA but don’t have an actual office. I asked If they can send me info on this debt they claim I owe and any other supporting documents through email or if unable through regular mail. They advised me they would not send me anything until I make 1st payment. That’s when I advised that I owed no debt to *** *** and advised they provided that info to me and I wouldn’t pay on a debt I don’t owe. Advised I cant find any info on company and want them to send me something to verify themselves. The rep then put me on hold for 30 mins. I called back inquiring again what this was about and advised I believed this was a scam and Mr Prescott started yelling and getting upset stating he will see me in court, etc. I am unaware how they got my social security and other info and don’t appreciate the threats and bank levy notices. Would like this company to be investigated, this must be illegal.

Kaitlin –

Victim Location 95660

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received letter stating my bank account would be levied. Letter looks like they attempted to create a legal court document. Had my birthdate and SSN. No address for company listed

Douglas –

Victim Location 79915

Type of a scam Other

I recieved a letter stating CDL administration services ldt against my name on letter. It states an amount of a loan taken out by me at check n go and it states a bank levy will be initiated. The letter states my address, social, and dob. I tried searching for a website and there is none, i tried calling and it rings and then theres no info on business hours just states to leave a msg with file number and name.

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