Celtic Healthcare/ Matthew Reddick

Celtic Healthcare/ Matthew Reddick Scam or Legit? Check Celtic Healthcare/ Matthew Reddick Reviews below.
Joshua –

Victim Location 75146

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I have been looking for a job and got a text message from a weird number saying they had a stay at home job opening. I got excited and replied thinking nothing of it. They asked me if I had a gmail account and to download a app called Hangout. I got it and the "Head of HR" gave me information on the positions and told me to answer 15 interview questions. I answered them and he said I was hired. Asked me for my address so they can mail me a check so I can order my office supplies to start work. I got a check for $4200 and thought it was too crazy for a company to send a check like that. So I looked it up online and found that someone was in the same situation but when they cashed the check it froze their account and found out it was a fake check. Just to make sure I knew it was a scam I lied and said I cashed the check. They told me to load a big amount on gift cards and to cash app $hisuiuchiha007 the rest. I just ignored them and they harassed me to answer the phone or they was calling the police on me. They even left voicemails and they definitely had accents of the people who scam everyone

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