Claiming to be KSS International

Claiming to be KSS International Scam or Legit? Check Claiming to be KSS International Reviews below.
Shane –

Victim Location 40701

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was to any visit two Walmart stores around my area. MY first purchase will be at the first Walmart store, I was to purchase Two pieces (2) of Walmart GIFT CARDS in the value of $500 EACH totaling $1000, My Second purchase is to locate another Walmart store and purchase Walmart GIFT CARDS in the value of $500 & $400.00 totaling $900 making the total purchase $1900.,. Once I’m done with the assignment, I am to Text/Email to the below phone number/email a picture of the receipt and a clear picture of the card’s individual (EACH CARD) on both sides by sending the redemption code, peel or gently scratch off the label on the back of the card to reveal the hidden numbers. They kept texting me to see if I received the letter of assignment and the $2400.00 check. I received both but did not reply to the emails or text. I knew it was a scam. Just wondering how they got my email, home address & phone number. There’s a block on all my public records. Scary. End of the letter says, Sincerely John Horton……They should have went ahead and signed Johnny Horton. (LOL)

Here’s a copy of part of the letter sent to me:

The funds have been provided for you to visit and patronize Walmart outlets to ascertain or discard those claims in your locality.

NOTE. You are not to make either cashier or anyone aware that you are carrying out an evaluation. Make sure you execute this assignment in a timely manner, no later than 3 days after you receive the check and instruction letter.

IMPORTANTI We need your total cooperation so please be sure you confirm your package has been delivered by sending an e-mail or text message only to the below email/phone number and proceed on. AND ONCE THE STORE EVALUATION 15 COMPLETED KINDLY EMAIL OR TEXT Phone number: (617) 213-1599 Email: [email protected] A PICTURE OF YOUR RECEIPT, THE GIFT CARDS REDEEM CODE AND SUMARRY REPORT OF THE SURVEY. I will also PROVIDE MAIL OUT INSTRUCTIONS FOR YOUR RECEIPTS, CARDS ONCE YOUR ASSIGNMENT lS COMPLETED. Thank-You for participating in our marketing evaluation, you are making a

difference in tomorrows ‘economy! Sincerely, John Horton, Task Manager (KSS international survey).

Victor –

Victim Location 42101

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Got things such as cashier checks and told me what to do also text messages saying they heard I went to Walmart on job

Bradley –

Victim Location 43777

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I got a text message from an I did what it said an the very next day by priority mail express. I got a letter telling me where to go an to purchase some gift cards. They sent a cashier’s check with the letter for $2400 to use $1900 of it on the gift cards an I get to keep $500 of it. The gifts cards an there codes I was to send them a picture of the that information back to this company. I googled the company didn’t find negative on them. Then I called a bank an the lady on there gave me info. Not to cash the check cause it’s a scam. So here I am doing the right thing.

Raquel –

Victim Location 65301

Type of a scam Employment

I received a letter asking me to be a secret shopper at WalMart. They sent a $2150 check to be deposited into my checking account. I was then told to go buy 3 $500 gift cards and 1 for $300. I was then supposed to email them pictures of the gift cards and scratch off the redemption code on the back of each card. The remaining $350 was mine to keep.

Evan –

Victim Location 63010

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received priority mail with a typed letter and a check with instructions asking me to deposit the check and buy 3 gift cards in the amount of 500 dollars then another for 300 and they asked me to go to Walmart and take pictures of the gift cards with the code scratched off then I could keep the rest of money

Tara –

Victim Location 42301

Type of a scam Employment

I recieved email. Call text about secret shopping at wallmart. Then recieved check and a letter stating to deposit in bank then purchase 3 walmart cards costing 500 and one for 400 and keep remaining money

Carly –

Victim Location 44035

Type of a scam Employment

Check included for 2150.00-shredded

Randi –

Victim Location 48033

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was looking at sites for internet jobs and later received an email that said “Walmart Survey” . When I opened what I thought was a survey, I found this KSS International form that I filled out n with mr address and email. Today I received a priority envelope with a letter/flyer with a lot of instructions, and a check for 2,150. The letter/flyer looks suspicious because the grammar isn’t quite right, it’s not signed by a person, and it’s instructing me to purchase gift cards so that I can check how the cashier handles the purchase, then it speaks on other random stuff like the cleanliness of the restrooms??

Kelsey –

Victim Location 47660

Type of a scam Employment

I received a letter in the mail with a live check for $2150.00 and I was to deposit the check into my bank. withdraw $1800.00 and go to my nearest Wal-Mart and buy (2) $500. and (1) $300 reloadable gift cards bring them home and scratch the pin numbers area, take pictures and email the pictures to an email address provided. while evaluating the cashiers and managers.

Jill –

Victim Location 22851

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

They claim I signed up for their surveys but I wouldn’t have sent me a priority mail package with a letter of instructions & a check then started sending me text messages asking about it on the verge of harassment after telling them I wasn’t going to participate they continue texting

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