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Ricardo –

Victim Location 05476

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via text message out of the blue. I answered a few brief casual questions, then they set me up to "interview" on Google Hangouts. I was asked some questions, but nothing regarding social security number or my birth date. They did ask my age. The more the interview process went on, I began to see several red flags. (Rate of pay being one). Then they told me what I needed for working in my "small in home office" to set it up; asked me if I was familiar with some of the systems I would need to be using and told me they would ship my equipment to me. However, they then proceeded to tell me that they would also send me some money up front, which raised another red flag for me. I then pulled up the scam tracker here at the and saw that there are several other reports of this. When I confronted them and asked them where they found my "resume" they did not answer my question. I then told them that I believed they were scamming me, and they told me "You are not ready for this opportunity" and "have a nice day" I did not give them any personal information other than a phone number and home address.

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