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Alexander –

Victim Location 33611

Total money lost $1,102.96

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I was trying to consolidate my federal hopes to lower my payment. Unfortunately I got scammed by a “company” called Clarity Solutions Center. They essentially stole/took four payments of $274.75 (total 1,102.96) from me charging me to fill out my consolidation paperwork, which I later found out can be done for free. They then neglected to send the paperwork filled out to the company nelnet. Nelnet was the company that informed me of these scams & these forms are free to fill out.

Felicia –

Victim Location 91331

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was mailed with information saying that the state of California was helping students reduce their loans if qualified. I was immediately interested since I have still a good amount to pay for my school loan. The papers looked legit and even the phone calls I did with them seemed correct since they were able to pull up most of my information. They began saying that they could lower my monthly pay for the loan and that they could lower it down to half of the total amount. From an original 8,600 loan to about 4,500 but the catch was that they needed me to pay them this fee to get the process started with them. I ended up giving in not knowing that this was a scam and not doing more research about the company. They mislead me saying that I would need to pay them 1,000 dollars to cover the fees and paperwork so that they could start this whole process. They never mentioned the total amount in the end after I had done those payments which were broken down in a three month period. They said I could stop paying my usual monthly payment for the loan now that this process was happening. After couple months the company that takes care of my original loan is telling me that if I have been contacted to lower my loan. I was then given the horrible news that I had been scammed about this whole thing and felt so angry that the were able to give just the right info about me and my situation to cough up more money than I was paying usually. The loaners then told me to give them all the info about who they were and what had happened. Im still with my loan now in an even worst state since I stopped paying it for couple months. It has been a big loss on my part and wish I could of put that to pay off my real loan.

Sierra –

Victim Location 90025

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received an official looking letter that claimed student loan consolidation and payment reduction. It gave a date limit for the offer and claimed that it was a goverment program. When called the number given on the letter they sounded friendly and they seemed eager to help. They made me believe that they were a legitimate company and that they were going to offer loan forgiveness. They wanted money for services and I fell for it because I was offered loan forgiveness. They got my social security number, California ID, address, two reference phone numbers and address, banking information, phone number and e-mail address. I am often very untrusting of offers that sound too good to be true but the letter they sent to my home looked official. Now, I am aware of scams and what this scammers are willing to do to people. I will now be skeptical of all mail and phone calls I receive and I will not repeat this awful mistake.

Caleb –

Victim Location 32086

Type of a scam Credit Repair/Debt Relief

I received multiple letters in the mail from this company stating that I can have my loans forgiven. I kept forgetting to call, and then I got a “final notice”. I thought it was legit because i scanner it and noticed something about an FSA I’d, which I know is issued from a government website. I went to call the number, and that’s when I thought something seemed fishy. The letter asked you to create an FSA account, but if it was a legit company that worked for the government, they should have already known I had an FSA ID… I’ve also done everything for college myself, which means I knew that I wasn’t supposed to I’ve ANY info out about my FSA ID. I googled the company and found link after link about how they’ve been sending these letters and scamming people. DON’T GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR INFORMATION!!!

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