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Ashlee –

Victim Location 60586

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a lead on indeed about a position that I applied for. I received a response back saying that position was filled but that there was a well paying position available to start immediately with one of their Company Senior business consultants Barbara Walters. The said to contact her directly on her personal email to apply. She was contacted via email about the interest and about a week or so later, It was contacted to say that my resume and app was being processed. it stated that there was a cash advance of 400.00..weekly, and the job would be to run errands, pay bills and buy mostly stationary for her seminars because she travel in and out of the country, and constantly out of town and as a matter fact she was out of town in Paris France. Email with Employment contract was sent, stating everything on the job description. Very easy to read. It was signed "typed" and then I scribbled a signature and sent it in…few hours later, email is sent with tracking of a check that they are sending with specific instruction to deposit in my account, and let them know via text/or email that it was done, for further instructions. I raised red flags with that email with specifics, the person never calls, the company never called, just this person saying looking to "Read" me soon after the deposit. next day, texts check in again about instructions on what to do with the check when it arrives, then flags on my part is raised again, Now things are real fishy, I check on usps to see if tracking is legit and it is, then I text, what do I do with the funds after deposit, (which I didn’t deposit or got check in hand, or delivered yet) I just mentioned proactively, it is to be done when it does, and they go, didn’t you get what to do, and I said I get the deposit process, and they go, you will paying bills, and buying stationary. Again raised more flags, bills? I thought to myself bills of a person that I have not even spoken to over the phone, or met, just through text and email..and they are trusting me with a check, and to take my cut out of check, without anyone from the company, contacting me for further info, tax filing. I didn’t respond back, then I go, how much is the check amount, they said 3,650.00, again, I didn’t respond back, then they respond with "hello", nothing further was texted, I came home, envelope usps was delivered and there was a check for the amount mentioned in the text earlier that day. The check looked legit from Dupage Credit Union. NO ACTIONS on my part to move further!! Next day, I get a text from a different number from this "Barbara Walters" asking if I deposited the check. No response on my end was given because calling from a different phone number was another RED FLAG….next Step, contacted for like I am reporting the scam. Next steps, contact Dupage Credit Union about this possible scam. Be care on employment sites, indeed, Monster, Career Builder. There are scammers. I am glad I read the red flags and no other further action was done to make deposits…

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