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Dustin –

Victim Location 33801

Total money lost $78

Type of a scam Other

Scammer has a profile on Poshmark its Cody_hayes at first he wanted to do the transaction with a cash app I told him no I didn’t want to get scammed. So I told him we could do it through PayPal he said he had to set up an account but that was fine. he had me do it through and family as a cash transaction so he didn’t have to wait 30 days to get his money. I said okay because I thought I was protected by PayPal returns policy but as it turns out PayPal will not help you if the transaction is done through through their friends and family. And I tried to do it just minutes after I sent the money because the guys have longer texting or answering my texts but the whole time I was trying to do the transaction on PayPal he kept on texting me throughout the whole thing. I called the number back that he used it and it said not available. He still has a Poshmark account and he selling the item that I never got he reposted it. He still has a PayPal account and a Gmail account even though I reported him 2 PayPal they did nothing not even taking down his account.

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