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Haley –

Victim Location 08757

Total money lost $3,500

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE. Simple as that. This website that offer 100% ROI in seven days by investing your crypto with them are just scams!!! I just learnt the hard way. Transferred 0.8 BTC (was going to send 0.5 but the rep. insisted with an offer of 120% ROI on 0.8 btc upwards. I fell for the [censored], and now my hard-earned crypto is long gone….I had a slight gut feeling prior to that, but I went blindly for it because I have been reading articles on Quora from some self-proclaimed "cryto-analysts", which sounded really convincing and articulate, and in between paragraphs they would insert this website and recommend it. Otherwise I wouldn´t have done it. If you have been into this world for a while, a quick glance at the whole website, will pose the clearest clues as to their legitimacy, such as obvious typos, fake address, fake photos and names of directors, etc. Once 7 days elapsed, they ask you for an extra 0.1 BTC for verification purposes in order to withdraw your returns. Exactly what I feared, dreaded. I said no, and that I wanted my initial investment. The kept constantly avoiding me from them on. Impossible to get it now. OTHER similar sites are, and any other site of this type thatends in ".tech" or ".store". Don´t lose your hard-earned crypto like I did. It´s impossible to get it back,as you may know. I ONLY HOPE THAT SOMEONE WHO SEES THIS, AND IS AWARE OF THE ROUTES TO ACTUALLY ESCALATE THIS TO A PROPER AGENCY THAT COULD ACTUALLY SHUT DOWN SITES LIKE THIS ASAP, AS ALL THEY DO IS HURT THE PUBLIC. THERE NEEDS TO BE SOME WAY BY WHICH PEOPLE CAN AVOID AND BOYCOT SITES LIKE THIS SO NO ONE KEEPS FALLING PREY OF THEM, SO THAT EVEN IF NO OFFICIAL AGENCY REMOVES THEM, THEY HAVE TO STEP DOWN THEMSELVES AS NO ONE ELSE IS FALLING FOR THEIR S***

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