Colorado Acquisitions Partners LLC

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Aaron –

Victim Location 78245

Total money lost $8,838.20

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

Colorado Acquisitions Partners LLC approached me back on February 2019 indicating for me and the other person on my time share to get in a contract with them to resale our time share membership. We signed the contract on 02/27/2019 and we were informed to pay the bundle of fees for attorneys in Mexico to begin the process of the sale, we sent them $1625+$50=$1675 including the transfer fees. They have sent proof that the money in the amount of $30K for the sale was getting deposited within 2 business days the money was never deposited, a follow up was completed, then they informed that we have to pay for additional sales taxes to the Mexican Hacienda (IRS-Mexico) for the gains of the membership, we have sent another $3763.20+$50=$3813.20 including the transfer fees. Then they have sent another proof indicating that all of the money sent plus the $30K were getting deposited within 2 business day, once again it did not happen. We called the attorneys and Colorado’s broaker Eddie Martinez and said that we have to pay another $3300 for the department of tourism, we end up sending $3300+$50=$3350 including the transfer fees. Two days later they sent another proof of direct deposit from Banco de Mexico (Bank of Mexico) but the money was not deposited, then at that point they wanted another $5800 in which I informed them that we have used all of our saving reserve and we are not able to send more money, they have informed that they were speaking with a Judge in Mexico to let the money to be release so we could receive our money and later pay the additional taxes to Mexico IRS, but after requesting all of that information for the proof of tax payments they stopped responding to the phone calls or e-mails, and also they disconnect the numbers that were used to contact them. As of today they are not responding and even their website is no longer in service. The attorney’s office involve on this process website continues to be in service and the full information and address is the following:

Corporativo Nunez Guerra y Asociados Ave. Empresarios 255 int 2 Torre, Colonia Puerta de Hierro Zapopan Jalisco

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