Commonwealth Associates

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Kara –

Victim Location 95363

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called and identified themselves as CommonWealth & Associates. They have a lot of information on me and used that to convince me that I owed Wells Fargo money which I thought was odd because that’s who I currently bank with… they convinced me to make payments to avoid going to court so I made one payment and then I called Wells Fargo to see which groups they send their debts to but CommonWealth & Associates is not one of them. I have since cancelled my debit card and got a new one to avoid making more payments. They called to get another payment and I called them back and left them a message and told them I had not received any documentation of proof of said debt that they are legally required to provide to me. They are calling all of my relatives too! This is a hard fishing scam! I told them I was contacting the sheriffs department and the to report them and he said “BBB won’t do anything”… what kind of “professional” from a “law firm” says that?!? Someone not from a law firm!!

Drew –

Victim Location 45215

Type of a scam Other

I received the first call around 6p.m.EST from 408-708-9952 they left a message asking for me to call back 866378-3214. I called yesterday and called back again today I asked for full name and they said Commonwealth & Associates and that’s when they made dead silence. And he asked if I was trying to make good on a debt. Yesterday they answered legal department, and today they answered claims. They wouldn’t talk to me unless I would give them my name, and I said you probably know my name if you have caller ID, I think they said are you (and my name). And I said I am not saying who I am, and I asked what is this regarding and they wouldn’t say too much. They knew who I was they just wanted to verify, until they would speak to me. He said ma’am if you don’t want to give me your name, we can continue to call you and will send you a document in the mail. The message said this is not solicitation there is currently a matter that deserves your immediate attention to review all mediate rights and details and avoid all further proceedings contact Commonwealth to date.

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