Consumer needs llc

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Carolyn –

Victim Location 85705

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was applying online for a loan from a few different places to try to help myself and my fiance stay affloat until I can find employment. ( I lost my job 4 months ago. I don’t have the best credit right now.) Shortly after being denied for a few different loan opportunities I received a text message from 13127413507 saying I was approved for $3,000. They called me & needed some of my personal information to verify my identity to release funds to my checking account. They deposited estimated $500 into my checking account & said that I would need to send that money back to them via prepaid visa card to verify my identity & that after I returned the $500 that they would then deposit $3000 into my account. I withdrew $500 from my checking account via chase atm & sent them prepaid visa card information. I did not receive my loan from them & come to find out that they called my bank & had contacted the claims department claiming that they were me evidently. Chase reversed payments somehow after they filed a claim falsely with my information posing as me I can only assume. Now the $500 is gone & chase is sending me emails saying they need more information about my claim or they will reverse a temporary credit. I have no idea what they did with my banking information or the $500 I sent them but I did not receive a loan from them & I strongly feel that it was a scam that I fell for. I’ve never been through something like this before.

Amy –

Victim Location 92583

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was contacted by a company calling them selves consumer needs llc asking for my info some how they’ve already had it and then they asked if my bank was elecronicly linked when i said no they asked for my bank cards pin I told them no and blocked there number now I recieve a text stating that if I don’t call back they will charge a 99 dollar fee for a cancellation of the loan I never applied for

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