Charlotte –

Victim Location 45628

Type of a scam Employment

I applied for a job online. I received a letter from Consumer Survey Service. The return address on the envelope is Cadbury Chocolates, San Francisco, CA. Letter signed by James Matthias. Congratulations on receiving your first survey packet. Send a text message to confirm receipt of your package 301-708-6383. The envelope included 2 postal money orders for $850 each. I was to add my personal information to the money order. Then deposit the money orders into my account, so they could remove the restrictions. I am supposed to buy 2 gift cards at $500 each. If I do it right away, I get an extra $100. The manager at Family Dollar store said this scam comes around at holiday time. My bank said mystery shopping is a scam.

Douglas –

Victim Location 54155

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had received an email from a "George Wilson" stating that I was chosen to do secret shopping, which I thought was great at first but then was told to text the phone number listed to confirm receipt. This should have been my first flag, but wasn’t. It wasn’t until I got an email sauing they were sending me $300 to survey companies. I then decided to look into the phone number and found out that they use your phone number to call all sorts of other places and you will get charges on your bill. I then proceeded to text and email telling them I was no longer interested and to leave me alone and if they didn’t I would report them to the BBB. I have not seen my phone bill yet this month, but I am hoping I will not have to go deeper to get these guys in trouble for what they are doing to other consumers.

Joshua –

Victim Location 38501

Type of a scam Employment

My son received a job lead from his financial aid office at Tennessee Technology University, Cookeville, TN about a secret shopper job. He was given a contact name and email. He contacted Mr. George Taylor, MBA via email. A week later he received a congratulations email as being selected and told to watch his mail for a the job information.

He received a personalized envelope in the mail with no return address on it. Enclosed were instructions on where and what to buy, a check for $2,915.00 dollars to deposit and return instructions for the products purchased. Also enclosed was a secret shopper survey form. There was no address on the form, only a phone number to text when the package was received.

My mom radar went off, so on 1/26/19 I called the issuing bank of the check to confirm if it was legitimate. I spoke to the representative at Five County Credit Union in Bath, ME at 800-750-0959. He confirmed that the check number and amount was a fraud.

My son has notified the local university that this employment opportunity is a fraud so that no more unsuspecting students get caught in this nasty situation.

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