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Lance –

Victim Location 43201

Type of a scam Employment

Offered a work from home position "through my school directory" as an "Online Supplier Data Assistant"  through a student empowerment program put on by "Core BTS" told me to reach out to [email protected]

For sure a scam, grammar errors, no official titles. Offered $300 a week to do minimal work from home.

Leslie –

Victim Location 47401

Type of a scam Employment

I received the following email (attached as a pdf) to my student email account. This is actually the second email of this nature I have received (same wording, I think also the same sender name "Linda Bruce").

In summary, "Linda Bruce" sent me an email offering me a work-from-home job, which initially declares my email was taken from a "student directory" based on my supposed "credentials". It does not list job requirements nor an application, but rather seems to operate under the premise that this "job" is already mine, and details of the work are extremely vague. The job promises $300/week as a starting salary, with bonuses/compensation immediately available. The email ends by asking for the addressee’s personal information: name, full address, date of birth, gender (for some reason), personal email (I’m guessing as opposed to student email), and cell phone number.

The email, unlike many other email scams, is subtle in its approach and I am reporting it because I am very convinced (and highly concerned) students in financially vulnerable situations might fall for it. The email, for one, is not full of noticeable grammatical issues (but some subtler style/line-edit issues such as "un-educated" and nonstandard capitalization do appear).

I am willing to speak publicly against this sort of scam.

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