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Kari –

Victim Location 98036

Type of a scam Employment

Diana reached out to me about the job opportunity, saying they were expanding their office to seattle and offered me the position as Admin Assistant making 20$ an hour and after a 4 week probation period it would increase to $25 an hour. I filled out an application signed new hire documents all while ready the entire contract they sent me. She even called me for a phone interview. I read there entire website, checked everything i could think of and nothing seemed fishy. I started Monday May 20th at 8 am working from home for the 1st 4 weeks. I made powerpoints with hours and hours of research.. Diana messaged me every morning and called me daily to keep contact, and we messaged via telegram (app) daily. She stopped responding May 24th. I’ve emailed, I’ve called the office many times, I’ve sent message after message and even waited days on end with nothing. May 24th they wire transferred $5800 into my personal checking account and asked me to go withdrawl it and take it to Bank Of America and deposit into an account that was supposedly "the New York hotel" the exchange students we’re staying at the coming week. She told me to keep $186 for myself for transportation and research materials i would need for the following week. I’ve clocked in 63 hours that have not been paid to me, and have absolutely no way of getting ahold of these people anymore. I’ve since had to

Haley –

Victim Location 32065

Total money lost $5,000

Type of a scam Employment

I put my resume in the Indeed Job site and applied for employment. On of the company message me they offered me the position executive assistant, she told me that they were opening a office in Jacksonville, I accepted the position she send me a contract what my position entails, that she would give me instruction on what I was to do. She communicated with me by phone and Telegram that is by message. I would sign in every morning at 9:00 AM. and when I go to lunch tell here my message and at 5:00 P.M clock out. My first assignment was a presentation on Jacksonville on the entertainment, universities, museums, parks, transportation, and thing that the students would want to do when visiting in Jacksonville or at students. So that took me 5 days, My second assignment on my second week of working was a presentation on accommodation where the student can stay visiting Jacksonville. I finished that one on my second week. When the 3rd week came she said that had 15 students coming from Germany to New York and they to Florida. The one in New York had a accident and landed in the hospital for a week, and she asked me for my help. I said that I would help her. Well the $5000.00 was deposited in my account. I was to take it out and deposited in another Bank she gave me the account number and routing number. So I did. and I send her copies of the receipts. The next morning she call me around 8:00A.M early for her she that they deposited over $4000. and I was to do the same as the day before. The money was deposited but l called my bank where they deposited it and was put under restriction which I could not withdraw the money. so I call her she told me it was a mistake. That the money was legal. I told her that I would not do no more work until the matter got resolved, and she said she understood. Well I called the bank the next day and told me it was investigating the transaction. It would take 7-10 for the investigation to be over. On Friday 5/24/10 the bank calls me and told me that it was a scam and I was responsible for the $5000.

I will never try for a position or trust anything in the internet. I learned my lesson. I hope this will help the people out there be very careful of the people you do business or for employment.

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