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Grace –

Victim Location 92861

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Through the website my daughter was contacted about a babysitting job. Fortunately, she has a good head on her shoulders and realized that things didn’t make sense. This website offers little or no protection. Below is the e-mail she received after setting up an account on the website and receiving a text from a "potential employer". The e-mail included pictures but if you did a reverse search, you could find them and they were not "Bria". I did a bit more research and found numerous scams with a slight variation on the theme but they all involved a wheelchair and a check mailed to you that is fraudulent. Please be careful with or get off if altogether.


Thanks for your response, I am glad to read from you. I am a single father 0f one lovely kid, ***, she is 4. We are in the process of relocating to your area. I work based on the development and counseling of the deaf, dumb and blind people in the community, i am moving to your area in few weeks and i really need a honest and responsible care for ***.More importantly, *** is currently placed on a wheelchair due to an accident she had some months ago. SHe can walk a few distance though but the specialist advised she uses the chair for a while and i am planning on getting her a powered wheelchair and have contacted a seller. You will care for her starting 11th of July. I will appreciate if you can tell me a few things about yourself and maybe attach one or two pictures of you, below are your duties:

Cooking for ***

Caring for ***

Cleaning ***

moving *** around

This could be a temporary/permanent job. It depends on what your schedule looks like but i do like to be sure if you are available the first month. the last couple of months hasn’t been good and i wouldn’t want to get stocked with my girl on arrival, so i`m willing to make a deposit to you ahead of time to ensure a secured appointment to avoid disappointment. The total cost of your pay per weekend is $252($18/hour x 7hours/day = $126/day x 2days). I want to inform you that i have a seminar i will be attending to as soon as i arrive and will be having an interview section with you immediately i arrive with ***.

Also i will like to include your pay to our payroll for the period(you are not paying tax). I will be needing the following information below to

issue out the check to you and i need your direct mobile number so i can

text you in case i need to pass an urgent information:





Zip Code:

Phone #:

I have made some arrangements with the wheelchair seller, so as soon as you get the payment, you will deduct $252 for your first week and have the rest sent to the wheelchair seller for delivery of the wheelchair as soon as the check clears, i hope *** will have the best of time while she is in your care and i hope you will treat her right just like yours. Get back to me as i have a lot of stuffs to put in place prior to our arrival. I

look forward to hearing back from you. Below are some pictures of myself and ***.

Thank you and God bless

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