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Steve –

Victim Location 77372

Type of a scam Employment

I have been applying for jobs on several sites. I received an email stating a job offer for work at home Procurement Manager position. After accepting the offer I spoke to Mrs Andi Anderson on the phone and she also sent plenty of documentation to that looked very legitimate. She never asked for any sensitive information, however she did say the company would authorize me to transfer money from the company checking account to my personal credit card. Then she would send a PO to purchase items, package and ship to customers. Here’s one of the emails i received.

I want to confirm that I’m available by phone from 10.00 am ET till

06pm ET Monday-Friday. I’m in my office some Saturdays (I’ll let you

know). I’m available by email 24/7 per week and also on Holidays and


During the 2 weeks period we are going to start from simple PO (purchase

order) from our company’s individual clients. You’ll purchase the

required goods, package them and mail them out. Your responsibilities

will be to find the items, negotiate a price, discount; to find a better

vendor/supplier and complete shipping. As soon as the items are found,

you should drive and purchase them by using Company’s money. You receive

them prior to the purchase.

Our company provides the corporate credit card to work with but it will

be in your hands in 15 days from your start because you have to complete

the probationary period and fulfill 8 orders as a minimum. Within these

15 days you receive the money from the company’s bank account to your

personal credit card. To work with a credit card you do not need to give

us your credit card number. We give you Authorized assess to the

company’s business checking account and clear instruction how to get the

money transferred from our account to your card. You will be given our

company’s bank account number, routing number and other details to

withdraw the company’s money and put them to your credit card.

Because of the security reason, to avoid any kind of unauthorized

transactions, the company did a credit check. The company gives you

money in advance and made a deep screening before we offer a job .

We fully understand that you want to be sure that you will be paid for

your 2 weeks time, therefore we do a payment with a guarantee . You

receive a deposit of $2000 upfront to your salary pay. Yo hold the

deposit during 30 days to make sure you are paid.

Base on your Credit Report you can receive the company’s money to your

card(s): WELLS FARGO CARD Credit limit of $11,500 from Balance $8,263

To get this process started you do NOT give use your card detail. You

will be given a company’s bank account and draw the money from that

account to your card. We do a card balance payment with a guarantee. How

it works: we transfer you $8,000.00 to your card and I’ give you the PO

(purchase order) about $6,000 only . You spend $6,000 and HOLD the other

$2000 as a guarantee amount. You purchase the goods, ship them to the

client and we do a next $6,000 transaction to work with the next order.

You can spend these $2000 deposited for your personal needs. It is your

salary advance.

You can start with one or few cards at the same time. How it works :

the company pays your Current credit card balance -> you receive the

available credit and buy goods (you should spend only the amount we paid

off) and charge your card again -> you ship items purchased and the

company pays your credit card again.

Please read over the attached file. It explains how the transaction

process works. Let me know if you do understand the process and ready

to proceed with a 1st transfer. You should simply choose a credit card

you would like to start. If you would like to use another credit card,

then let me know the card name and your total outstanding balance

amount. For example: I want to start with my Bank of America Visa card

Unpaid balance is $X,XXX.XX

Please read over the attached file. It explains how the transaction

process works. If you get some questions about the process, please call

me back .


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