Cisco Hub Spoof

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Barbara –

Victim Location 60626

Type of a scam Tech Support

Basically, I had a pop-up on my computer telling me I had a virus. I was instructed to contact the number provided, saying it was Microsoft (I have a Dell laptop). I called and was put in contact with who I thought was a Microsoft help desk. They synced onto my computer after I thought they were going to help me. Then they told me I had a "network virus" and so I was going to be connected to a company that could help me, which was Cisco Hub. They downloaded software onto my computer, thinking it was anti-virus applications. They told me to write them a check for the installation fees and packages and that a Fed Ex member would pick up the check the following day. I was on the phone with them for at least an hour. After I had gotten off the phone, I looked them up and over and over I kept seeing articles that they are a scam. Then, I looked on and the organization is not listed. I immediately deleted the software, reset my computer, called my bank, and changed passwords on sites. My roommate was home the following day and someone rang our buzzer 5-6 times. I had told her not to answer the door and she was too afraid to look to see who it was. Since then they have been calling me nonstop and leaving me voicemails telling me to call them back. I just block the numbers and reported the email interaction I had with them as phishing. I believe my information is secure and safe now, but I do not believe this was a real business.

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