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Steven –

Victim Location 04073

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was on a You tube video, when a pop up took control of my computer. I called the number, they entered my computer, they installed useless apps, charged me $450.00. I copied a check for them they used it to remove money the email said. I demanded the money back but did not receive it. I get calls occasionally stating i have hackers trying to enter the computer but i refuse and hang up. i dont think the money was removed.

Natasha –

Victim Location 88039

Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer frozen with alleged message from Microsoft. I had just driven 700 miles and was tired and fell for it calling the number listed as advised and a very nice man answered, explained what had happened and asked for access to my computer to fix it. I naively allowed this as I have had Microsoft help me on line before…Only after completion of alleged services do they tell you that you are not dealing directly with Microsoft but another company allegedly working as a subcontractor for MicroSoft. These folks are very sophisticated, have a website (note that the website does not offer the same services as they did but I did not realize this at the time. The odd thing was that they wanted to use a debit card rather and credit card and later that evening I started questioning why and determined that they were a Tech Scam operation.

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