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Victim Location 20706

Type of a scam Employment

I have applied to many job postings and this company either responded to me or looked me up on the data base and contacted me. It stated the job description for an HR Assistant Staffing Coordinator.

Its been a few weeks of back and forth, only but e mail to Gina [censored] for the online process. I went through about 40 questions initial process via email. And then, I went through questionnaires. Then, she stated I was accepted and that I should fill out my bank information to process direct deposit payments and that they only use certain credit union banks. And then sign an agreement of employment.

I refused to open a new bank, and so they agreed on sending a check instead. She stated that a check of $5550.00 will be sent to purchase a company laptop and software. I got the check overnight and it was for $5000.00.

I emailed Gina stating about the check and whose the name under. Upon calling the number on the check to verify it, I was told that there is no one by that sender. Representative told me do not cash it until you speak to someone on the phone.

Then he said, he’ll transfer me to the bank to verify if the funds are available. And so it was. I called the number given on the website because I wanted to know how my taxes are going to done or W-2, I didn’t get to fill anything out for 401b or anything like that.

The number took me to a "representative" and the guy with an accent answered. I asked him if I could be transferred to HR, he shouted stating for what, are you an employee? I said, I’m going to be and I wanted to know about w-2 forms and such for the job.

Then he said no, no, there is no such thing. It is all a scam. I was like, what you mean, I had been in touch with Gina Ferrara through… and he just cut me off. Didn’t let me finish explaining, stating no, no, no, Gina was hacked and that it is all a scam and hung up.

I called back and again it took me to a "representative" and the same guy answered. I said hello, I just called a few minutes ago and you just hung up on me, didn’t even let me speak. He said, what, what do you want?

I just wanted to know if you were hiring and maybe you thought I was someone else, I applied on careerbuilder and I needed more info. He said, if you don’t live in Albany, NY we hire. Then he yelled at someone in the background saying, these people don’t listen. I told you its all a scam, there is no job, people from different countries are doing this, we have notified the FBI, and they cannot do anything for them in investigation and hung up on me.

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