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Nicholas –

Victim Location 48098

Type of a scam Home Improvement

Unlicensed Contractor Carter’s Plumbing of Waterford, MI and Bloomfield Hills, MI is Falsely Advertising to the Public and offering to provide Illegal Plumbing and Mechanical Services in violation of Michigan Public Act 407 of 2016 (Skilled Trades Regulation Act) putting the unknowing public in danger. The Offending Company Website is

Neither the individual nor company he owns is licensed to provide any mechanical or plumbing services. Improper/unlicensed installation and or repair of Gas Water Heater(s) and Gas Main Lines can cause great property damage and even result in death.

Fact is individual Matthew Carter is only licensed as a Plumbing Apprentice #8302043 (by code he is unable to provide any service without direct supervision of a licensed plumber. Additionally, he and this company are totally unlicensed to provide any Mechanical Services Whatsoever!) according to MI LARA BCC Website.

Company website advertises as "Licensed Mechanical Contractor" (this is a total lie) <span title="<b… />
Company Website advertising as "Licensed" water heater repair/replacement numerous times throughout the site, they are NOT licensed to perform any mechanical or plumbing services

On Company website home page and all subsequent pages very top header states "State of Michigan Master Plumber" (Nothing could be further from the truth)

These are the undeniable facts: Website is owned by same apprentice plumbing individual "Matthew Carter"

Business is owned by same unlicensed individual Matthew Carter – Data provided by the State of Michigan Business Entity Results Lookup "Carters Plumbing LLC"

ALL THESE FACTS A PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE, AND ARE EASILY VERIFIED ONLINE. Protect yourself and your family, Know Who You Are Hiring!

I have recently been notified that both the Michigan Attorney General office as well as the State of Michigan Licensing Board LARA BCC are currently investigating this Company and its Illegal business practices and dealings.

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