Cash Advance USA Spoof

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Eugene –

Victim Location 30274

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The loan started by “Cash Advance USA” located at 807 West Van Buren Street in Chicago, Illinois 60607 calling me on my cellphone. The initial contact was made while I was driving from my apartment in Riverdale, GA (269 Hwy. 138 SW. APT #805) to Kennesaw State University (Marietta, GA campus).

Customer Service Representative or Receptionist “Jennifer” called me from the “Cash Advance USA” office phone (312-392-5819 Ext. #118) approximately 4/20/2018. She gave me the initial instructions for a loan available for me by “Cash Advance USA”. Next, she told me her “Senior Accounting Manager” would give me the procedures to follow for the approved loan.

The “Senior Accounting Manager” telephone number on the job is (312-444-0236). His name I do not remember: but, he had a foreign accent like someone from “India”. However, he gave the following instructions after approving the loan for $2000.00 to be paid back with monthly payments of $200 starting one month after receiving the funds in my checking account.

The “Senior Accounting Manager” gave me a choice for the amount of the loan. I chose the minimum amount for approval. The following instructions were given specifically to follow in detail to receive the loan in a timely manner:

(1) Take the deposit of $491.00 sent to my “Visa” credit card with Bank of America and purchase a “Google Play” card at “Walgreens or Walmart” in my local area.

(2) After the “Google Play” card is purchased call him immediately to give him the “20 identifications numbers and letters “from the “Google Play” card.

(3) After the information is received his company “Cash Advance USA” would deposit the $2000 loan in my checking account. The “Senior Accounting Manager” told me the loan amount would be in my account in less than 2 to 3 hours after the transaction of information.

(4) Unfortunately, the loan amount of $2000.00 was not deposited into my checking account.

(5) Instead, the “Senior Accounting Manager” for “Cash Advance USA” told me to purchase another “Google Play” card with the deposit ($480.94) placed in my “Visa” credit card at the Bank of America. His reason was: because, of my low credit score. This was contradicting his beginning approval of the loan. He said this would help with my credit score.

(6) On 4/27/2018 I followed the second set of instructions and purchased the “Google Play” card as requested for $482.00 and called immediately from Walgreens parking lot in Riverdale, GA. I called him immediately and gave him the “20 identification numbers and letters” from the “Google Play” card as requested. He told me the loan deposit would be put in my checking account in 20 minutes.

(7) Unfortunately, the loan amount was not deposited in my checking account on 4/27/2018 nor any other day after.

(8) On 4/27/2018 I looked at my “Bank of America” accounts and the visa account showed “Payment Returned Unpaid” of the amount ($491.96). This was the deposit amount made by “Cash Advance USA” on 4/23/2018 electronically showing on my bank statement as “Pay By Phone Payment” for ($491.96). In addition, a Bank of America charge of ($25.00) was showing on the bank statement for “Returned Check Fee” in my “visa” credit card account on 4/27/2018.

(9) On April 28, 2018 (Saturday) I called “Cash Advance USA” regarding the returned check amount of ($491.96): but, the business had the answering machines on for messages only.

(10) On April 30, 2018 (Monday) I called “Cash Advance USA” again (regarding the returned check amount of ($491.96): but, the business had the answering machines on for messages only with both telephone numbers (312-392-5819 and 312-444-0236).

(11) On May 1, 2018 (Tuesday) Austin White identified his position as “Floor Manager” for “Cash Advance USA” on telephone number (312-444-0236) when I called. He told me to give him sometime after I asked him was “Cash Advance USA” gonna make the deposit returned in my “Visa” credit card account “good”.

(12) Later during the day on (5/1/2018) after looking at my “Visa” credit card balance and statement on the website of “Bank of America”. (Frank Hamilton) answered the telephone number (312-444-0236) for “Cash Advance USA”. He told me to give him sometime after asking him about the “Returned Payment Deposit” in my “Visa” credit card in Bank of America.

(13) On 5/2/2018 (Wednesday) I called “Cash Advance USA” on both telephone numbers (312-392-5819 and 312-444-0236). Only the answering machines were available when I called. So, I left message on the answering machines about the “Returned Check deposited” in my “Visa” credit card account. Asking management is “Cash Advance USA” going to make the deposit amount ($491.96) good in my Bank of America account?

(14) On 5/3/2018 (Thursday and Friday) I finally called and got through to a live person on the managers telephone line (312-444-0236) and Frank Hamilton talked to me and asked me to pay $200.00 to “Cash Advance USA” for a wire transfer fee. Then, after I question him about the returned payment deposits in my visa credit card account. He said the loan is cancelled now. This was the last time calling “Cash Advance USA”.

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