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Erika –

Victim Location 98335

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Got a call saying I was approved for the $5,000 loan back in July That in order to deposit the funds into the bank account I needed to call Dan, this guy said to go to store get the Google Play gift card put $150 on scratch the bar on the back and read them to him , than I was told to go back and get another card put $225 and repeat the same process ,put another $289 on another card,I was told the code on the back didn’t match the state of Florida and I needed to get another card, I hung up after I said I want my money back, his boss calls me back and says in order to cancel the application because the funds that have not be deposited into my bank account I need a attorney plus they told me that they can still take the money from my bank and I still have to pay for the money I don’t have and I told them I was going to call the BBB.

I’ve hired an attorney through Legal Shield and was told to close out my bank account and get another one; every day I m still getting calls and being harrsed by voice messages which I do not answer

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