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Paul –

Victim Location 45324

Type of a scam Debt Collections

The number that is provided on this list, called me number of times while i was at work. I ignore the call to see if they leave a voice mail (they don’t). Even called me at the most worst time. Final today (2/4/2017) i answer a call from them around 9:30 am, it was a woman. stating that the call is being monitor and was asking for me. Told her that "I don"t know the person and ask what this all about?". She then said "it is a personal matter, and sorry for disturb you", then hang up. Concern about this, i did a reverse number lookup and nothing shows for this phone number. Next step, I borrow my mother cell phone, and called them back (since her number shows up as a block number on a caller ID). The phone rang once, and the same woman answer. She said "Thank you for calling CBC Compliance, this called maybe monitor, my name is Beth, who am i speaking with?", then i hang up. Now that I have the Business name, I went back on the web to look up for this company. The results I got was for the Community Blood Center in Dayton, and some sort of construction business in Miami Florida.

With no business located on the Web, leads to me to believe that this is someone trying to scam me. I wanted to share this, in case they are trying to pull this on someone else.

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