Century National Insurance Co

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Micah –

Victim Location 90740

Total money lost $3,000

Type of a scam Other

Insurance for car/home. Claims to not pay out claims for whatever reason. In my situation I was rear ended by a Policy Holder of theirs, after numerous calls to follow up with the claim I was told that they could not process further until they had a statement from the Policy Holder. Initially I was told after giving all the details of the incident, to give the Adjustor 24-72 for a reply. After that had come and gone, every attempt to contact them I was told a different story about the procedure and the next step with my claim. The operator that I spoke with on numerous occasions was the same person (same voice) and would give a different name every time I called to make it seem like I was actually speaking to someone different.

After all the frustration with the back and forth with this "Insurance Co" I was not EVER called back nor was my claim ever processed. I mentioned obtaining a Lawyer because I knew the excuse for not processing my claim was not valid…. and I was simply told "do what you need to do Ma’am."

I am aware that Yelp is not always a credible website, but trust me after I went to view all the complaints others had about this "Business" …..I had experienced the same exact thing. Even after contacting their "Corporate" office all the extensions never lead me to a live person/employee. Calls were never returned or my case followed up with at any point. Damages to my vehicle I am left to pay out of pocket.

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