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Shanna –

Victim Location 07724

Type of a scam Home Improvement

This business sends a kind and believable representative to negotiate a contract for masonry and paving work. You must put down a deposit to secure a start date. The date doesn’t happen but when they finally show up, the father (owner) asks for more money to begin. If you write a check he sends his son to cash it. Then he proceeds to tell you that his son didn’t know what he was doing, the prices are not correct, the contract is not valid, and he explains all the things that are not included which have to be subcontracted out (more money) or they will not do the job. They do not show up for weeks, they come with shoddy equipment, ruin the yard, and continually ask for more money to do jobs that are specified in the contract but suddenly they say are not. This is when your driveway is torn up. Then they say they can’t get a mason to work. Then they say they have a mason but he wants more money than they allowed. Then you give more money and the mason doesn’t come. Then they say they need to have all the blocks, concrete and stone on the job and the mason will come but they need more money. You give them the money but no blocks, concrete, stone or mason ever come. You call them daily and they threaten to sue you for harassment. NEVER NEVER HIRE THIS COMPANY. GEORGE (father) CHRISTOPHER (son).

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