Chris and Anna Alvarez

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Billy –

Victim Location 97380

Type of a scam Employment

In October i was sent a fraudulent check by this company, they were representing a Chris and Anna Alvarez supposedly from Ontario B.C., who supposedly were hiring me as a Nanny for their child, and they supposedly were movies to OR at the end of tha month.

They were going to pay me $400.00 a week, so, they sent a check through another business for $2,150.50 through another company called Uninsured United Parachute Technology on Lexington Ave in Del and Florida through PNC bank. I was supposed to get a moneygram for $1,490.00 and send it to their supposed landlord Kevin Nelson in Northridge CA.

Fortunately for me my debit card had a limit on it, as i found out later it was fraudulent. The problem is, my checking account was closed, and i am now without money, and am unable to get my required blood pressure medicines. I will be receiving a cashier’s check in several days, but, i also am unemployed, and have medical issues.

Who knows who else these people have scammed, i found them on a website called sittercity. I filed a report with the Monmouth Police department, they took all the information and turned it over to the DOJ. However, this doesn’t help me. Something needs to be done to these people, so they don’t get away with it again. They should reimburse me for the $270.00 dollars that was in my account at the time.

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