City Bank or City-Chase

City Bank or City-Chase Scam or Legit? Check City Bank or City-Chase Reviews below.
Shane –

Victim Location 98405

Type of a scam Phishing

At 12:18 pm on 5-7-17, the phone rings. #253-501-7802, a local number for the area. My wife answers, voice asks "is this Mrs Doe". She answered yes. Caller asks if she made a purchase of $83.00 on her City (or Chase? – she’s not great with details) card. She informed the caller she closed all credit accounts years ago, so she couldn’t have made the charge. Caller then asked if she wanted to block the charge, she said yes. Caller hangs up, as if disconnected, calls back a couple minutes later, asking if she had already called. She answered yes. Caller hangs up. At this point, I reminded her of the "yes" scammers and that she’s probably just been scammed. Well, now she’s going to be contacting the bank to find out what to do to prevent any unauthorized charges to our accounts. Also called back the number to check for a possible legitimate business, message says "text mail subscriber not available, please leave a message".

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