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Chad –

Victim Location 84062

Type of a scam Employment

Instead of presenting himself as Todd Duncan, this time he was Todd Watson. Offered me a job at 23.00 an hour 15.7 for training. He would be sending me a check to deposit to help set up my mini at home office when in the beginning of the conversation he said I would be working in the new office opening near me on April 24th. I’m physically disabled so at home sounded nice then my aunt helped to do some research and came across your website. I will not be cashing any check. I’ll be taking it to the cops.

Tasha –

Victim Location 48186

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email that City Group was hiring and opening an office in my area for Administrative Assistant.

They found my resume on After several conversations with Mr Todd Duncan, he sent me a Cashier’s Check via FedEx this morning. He got upset when I said that I would be opening a new account to deposit this check. He said it could take up to 30 days for it to clear, (another red flag in my head going off). I called the bank in which the check was drawn on, the vice president let me know that it was not valid.

The website that was originally provided to me, was taken down after my conversation with Mr Duncan, this morning.

Names that I have been provided during this interaction: Todd Duncan ([email protected]) – we only spoke via Google Hangouts. Lauren Walker ([email protected]) she sent a letter with the check indicating that she is the CPA/Financial Officer from the Financial Department. <– Another Red Flag.

Clark was the initial contact, I received the first email from him ([email protected])

Here is part of our conversation on Google Hangouts:

Mr Todd Duncan

I am fine thank you

Are you ready for the job briefing and interview? ~yes, please continue

I am Mr Todd Duncan One of the hiring manager of City Group .I would be the one to brief you about the position and the company ~ Hello Mr. Duncan

Next will be the briefing about the company.Take your time to read well and reply with Okay once you are done reading….Is that understood? ~yes

We are correctly working on the location in Westland, MI…That is why you are been Interviewed online…The office will be available on the 2nd of January you will be assigned to work over there if hired…And It will be made known to you once opened

Here’s is the company website … you are required to use 5 minutes of your time to read more about the company, then let me know when you are done so we can proceed with the interview okay ~so what position are you hiring?

The Positions Available are : Data Entry , Accounting Clerk ,Office Assist. , Customer Service , Administrative Assist , Receptionist ,File Clerk,Payroll Officer..

Which are you intrested in ? ~Administrative Assistant

***This is where it job is no longer in a location in Westland, but a home based business***



• Check registers and logs contracts and checks received.

• Contacts preparers of source documents to resolve questions, inconsistencies, or missing data.

• Confirms accuracy of data such as contract numbers, check numbers, customer information, dealer information, rate information.

• Compiles, sorts, and verifies accuracy of data to be entered.

• Processes various forms.

• Generates invoices and responds to inquiries regarding entered data as requested.

• Read source documents such as cancelled checks, invoices, or transmittals and enter data in specific fields

• Store completed invoices and contracts in appropriate locations.



The working equipment is the required material that is necessary for setting up your mini office. And these equipment include:

* HP Pro Book 450 Laptop Genuine Windows 8 Excel 64-bit

* HP Office jet Pro 8500A Premium All-in-One (Fax, Scanner, Copier and Printer)

* The required Software (Peach Tree (US Patent 1 accounting software), The MYOB Essential software 2014, Real-Time Accounting Integration CRM Software and Quick-books 2014).

NOTE: The Company will make provision for funds to be used for the purchase of all working equipment and material for the setting up of your Mini Home Office.


1. Are you currently employed ?

2. Do you seek Full time or Part time Job?

3. Do you have a Printer, Scanner,Photocopier and fax machine ?

4. How do you handle work under Pressure?

5. Do you have an idea of how to use Ms Excel?

6. What do you understand by privacy and Code of conduct?

7. What is your typing speed?


1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day? (4hr Minimum per day or 40hrs Maximum per week)

2. What time range?

3. Payroll Interval? (Weekly or Bi-weekly)

4. Payroll Method (Check or bank transfer)

We offer $23 per hour Plus Health,dental and Paid Vacation Benefits available also

5. What bank do you currently Operate with so we can know if it Tally’s with the company’s Payment option ?

I need you to hold on online because i need to forward our conversation to the Head Dept to enable them see if you are committed and good for this job.I need you to hold back online

I am back…Are you still here with me? ~ yes


Congratulations the company has decided to give you a chance for you to work for the company.We will like to see your diligence,Charisma,Commitment to this job.

You will undergo a 2 weeks online training and orientation Online which will commence as soon as you have received all working materials from the company agent.

You will be getting your paper work a HR document during your orientation and training from your supervisor,you are to fill,sign and send back to us. ~will these be mailed to me or via email?

It would be emailed to you

Before you start work you will receive a payment ,you will be using this payment to set up your mini office by purchasing accounting software plus the shipping logistics,cos we will be sending you some equipment you will be needing to start work with, immediately you get this payment you start work

The company will issue you a check to enable you purchase all the softwares and EQUIPMENTS you need to start work with..

NOTE: All softwares are to be purchased from the software office the company has been buying from for years now

As soon as you receive the check you are to have it taken to your Bank and have it deposited . It Takes 24hrs for the check to be cleared in your account ,once you have the funds in your account,you will then have the payment made to the vendor who for the shipment of your Equipment and complete working Materials to be shiped out to you via FedEx overnight delivery. For your training to Start ASAP.

Is all that understood ?~yes

Good… I will need you to report online on the Google Hangout by 8AM your time Tomorrow Morning for your job update.. and i will also use this opportunity to congratulate you as one of our staff… hope you will be a great asset to this great company ?

You are to report back here 8AM tomorrow morning

Thank you have a great afternoon

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 7:57 AM

good morning

Check your email for your employment offer letter ~Can you please confirm that the salary is US dollars

Yes it is

I want to welcome you to this company once again with out wasting much time today, i have just been informed by my superior officer that your job duties and training will commence once you receive your working equipment and supplies that is when we will start with training, note that today will be your first official day with us and all hours and time spend online will be put into records you are advise to be here online 8AM your time Tomorrow Morning so i can provide you with your tracking number for your start up check as your start up check will be mail out Today and get delivered to you Tomorrow Morning via USPS courier service or FedEx is that clear let me know if you have any questions ? No

Mr Todd Duncan

And if i may ask does your bank allows you have a check deposited VIA ATM or VIA Mobile Deposit ? ~ yes

Good….We do advise ATM deposit or Mobile deposit because It’s easy, convenient and often faster than waiting in line and it also allows funds to be available to you under 24hours. So once the check gets delivered to you..You are to proceed and have it deposited VIA ATM or Mobile…Is that understood ?

So if you don’t have further questions that will be all for today..Do have a great day ahead and be online 9AM Tomorrow morning for further updates..

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 7:52 AM

Mr Todd Duncan

Good Morning and how are you doing today ?

This is To notify you that your start up check have been mailed out to you VIA Fedex courier service and it will be getting delivered to you this morning..

That is the tracking number you can track it on the fedex website and know the status.. ~Ok, sounds good.

And i believe that your bank ATM is close to you right ? ~I will be opening a new account for this business venture.

If you deposit a check into a new account funds would be held for 30days ~ It won’t be, i checked into it yesterday

That is the new account opening policy

Ask any one

My response to Mr Duncan – I can refuse the package, if you wish. I don’t have monies to cover it, so It will have to clear before I can cash it either way. I am a customer already, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

*** These were the last words from Mr. Duncan – please beware***

If you want to refuse the package you can go ahead and refuse it

Good day

And you as well. I have to protect myself, I’m sure you understand that.

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