Claim to work For US Dept. of Federal Grants

Claim to work For US Dept. of Federal Grants Scam or Legit? Check Claim to work For US Dept. of Federal Grants Reviews below.
Janelle –

Victim Location 77045

Type of a scam Government Grant

This person claims that the government is giving away $7,000 in grant money because I did not have bankruptcy and no criminal record. He stated that 1500 persons were chosen for this. They call you from one number and give you a grant code, then they give you another number to call to speak to a person who confirms your number, name, address, zip code ( somehow they get your personal information ) and reads some script telling you about this money that you have to go Walmart – specifically, money gram to receive the money. However, they stress that this is not a SCAM!!! He says you must pay $260 to release the money in your name from the federal government and some other reasons but you will not lose the money. In return, you will get $7000 plus your 260 back. He specifies that you can only bring Cash and must call them on the phone to make sure to assist you will filling out the paperwork to get the money.

Here is the information they claim:

1. They are from the US Department of Federal Grants in Washington DC

2. Address 200 independence avenue in Washington DC

3. Phone number they call from: 222-222-2245, the number they want to you to call: 315-370-1114, ext 786 –ask for James Miller but he has foreign accent. Strange plus he got angry with me because my phone lost signal and he thought I hung up.

4. My confirmation code: JL670

Can you please check this out and confirm? He is waiting on me to call him by 5 pm today. ASAP

I noticed they have been calling me all this week….

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