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Dylan –

Victim Location 64055

Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted via text from a (785) 746-0430 number informing me that "Ms. Pamela Johnson from ManpowerGroup" had found my resume posted online and had been "selected for an online interview." After texting that I was interested, they gave me a list of positions that I could apply for, then rushed me to do an online interview using Google hangouts, where the manager/CEO, Jonas Prising, would be conducting the interview. After questions regarding position were asked and answered, they deemed that I was qualified for the administrative position, stating that it started at $21/hr, working from home from 8am-noon. I was supposed to receive an offer letter over the weekend, as all of this occurred on a Friday morning, but never did, and report back online on Monday morning at 8am, which I never agreed to. Then they told me that I would be receiving a check in the mail to buy my supplies, but when I asked them to just send the supplies to me, they informed me that the receipts from the vendors I was to buy the supplies (being a computer and a tracking device to track my hours) needed to have my name on it. When I told them on Monday morning that I was not interested, nor did I want the position, after having "Pamela Johnson" having texted me several times to get online, they asked if they should take my file off since I was not interested in the position. I told them "that would be best for now," and then the next day, a blonde lady in a black mustang came to my house, dropped off an envelope that looked like it had been opened, completely wrinkled as though it had been used several times, and only taped with a piece of scotch tape that also had what looked like a UPS printout for sending and apparently tracking for a one day express delivery (again, taped with scotch tape with my name and address on it). I heard her open my door, and that’s the only reason I went to open the door. She quickly got in her car and left. When I took out the contents of the envelope, there was a letter from the "Funds/Check Management," stating that "Mr. Wilson Rodney from the company’s Payment Department" expected me to email him once I received the check at [email protected], and report back to my "Supervisor/Employer/Hiring Manager immediately to get further instructions." The letter didn’t even have signature, and it looked like the piece of paper had been shoved somewhere, (coffee stains perhaps?) all over it as well. Also included was a check for me for $2850! Crazy how I got paid so much for literally doing nothing…I am disposing of check, and calling the real Manpower Group today as well. Oh yea – they also wanted to send me checks, or have money deposited into my bank account for payment…

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