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Colin –

Victim Location 95991

Total money lost $4,485

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Hi I like to enter sweepstake, well when click2win4life came up on my website to enter I could not resist, it like the lottery pick number and submit them at first they gave you some free entries,to wheel you in, and next thing I know you are paying 14.95 a month to join for a 100 entry into the lottery. well they sent me notifications that I had won, but I never received any winning of say money, I contact them several time on how do I collect on my winning. never replied back to any of my emails to them. so after 3 months of this I finally got wise and canceled by subscription to them. Allison Mitchell is the Director of Customer Service but I could not find a way to get in touch with her. to see why I have not received any of my say winning. You know it is really sad when people play on another person emotions only to be let down and disappointed in socity today. I really confused they went so far as to give me a reference account number10378930001

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