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Tyrone –

Victim Location 94606

Type of a scam Employment

On October 7, 2016 at 11:29 AM I submitted my resume for a Billing Clerk Position. I received a recruiting email from the email and offer letter from a woman name Tamara Harrison email domain [email protected] She stated, that she was the billing supervisor for Common Sense Design in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She went on to say that the main office was in the United Kingdom. She attached an application, W4, and Direct Deposit Slip and requested that I fill it out to began working for the company once I submitted the documents she asked me to sign in to the employee portal for future task she said they needed to run a background check so I needed to submit my I9 documents my (DL, Birth Certificate, and SSI) When I received my first invoice to bill she told me I would receive payment from the client by mail. I knew something was wrong when I received a strange check from Texas Capital Bank from a company out of Texas called Hudson Partnership 3. When I asked her why the check came in my name instead of the Company name she requested for me to deposit the Check into my personal account and wait for instructions. I called client Hudson Partnership 3’s phone number found on the check trying to verify the order from the invoice I received then noticed the address on the invoice and the check did not match also the number just rang. So, I researched the bank it was legit. The bank rep confirmed that the check was fraudulent and that the company Hudson Office Partnership 3 did not exist. I also researched Common Sense Design and found flaws on their pngage( Finally, I came across a website “… which, warned and confirmed all my fears Common Sense Design was bogus I had been scammed into providing my I-9 and bank direct deposit information to a bogus employer who didn’t exist. Please Help Me Stop These People before the do this to someone else.

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