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Marcus –

Victim Location 48021

Total money lost $1,122.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

I contacted HP Customer support through my HP laptop on Tuesday May 2nd at 11:00 AM and the "customer service specialist" named Max Wilson (possibly a made-up name) utilized the Team Viewer program to check the condition of my computer remotely from their location. This didn’t alarm me because I was already aware of this program and I had used it previously at a former job. The "specialist" was very thorough and explained and showed me all of the issues my computer has. The "Specialist" went on to tell me that my warranty was expired and if I wanted to protect my device from further damage I would have to buy a license. I use my laptop everyday so I felt the urgency to purchase the lifetime license at $200.00. The "specialist" informed me that he was not in the billing department and didn’t want to take my card info over the phone, I was then directed to buy $200 worth of I-Tunes cards and then read the code back to them so that they could move along with the license payment. In all honesty, I felt secure because the guy insisted on not taking my card info and I thought this was a safer way AND also because these guys are working for HP and they wouldn’t do anything to compromise the integrity of the company. After I made the purchase, we kept in contact for next couple of days because he would ask my permission to remote to my computer to begin fixing its issues. Most of these phone calls were "private" and that alerted me so I asked the reason and I was told that they were calling from a computer and that is why I’m receiving private calls from them, some of the calls were from a 213-area code. I spoke with whom I thought was Max (they all had a VERY similar middle eastern accent) on Thursday May 11 to set another time and date to which we could speak and he could continue to work on my laptop, that day was Monday May 15th, 2017. Max, or who I thought was Max, called me at 10 AM; (sidebar) now this is where the scamming began apparently. He knew my name and the issue at hand so to my knowledge, I’m speaking to the same Max Wilson. Max went on to tell me that the issues with my computer couldn’t be fixed and they would refund me. He attempted to Western Union the money to me, that didn’t work, then he tried MoneyGram, that also didn’t work. He asked me to go to my online bank and open up my account, at this point I was under the impression that the remote access had been turned off, I was wrong. I pulled up my account showing what I had in my account, which was $1,122.99. Now I’m aware that the remote access is on and that they could see what was in there, I don’t recall how or what they did, but my balance jumped to $3,122.99, indicating that he placed $2000.00 in my account as opposed to the $200.00 that was owed back to me. I let him know that he put too much. This is when I went to go purchase a total of 10 I Tunes cards valued at $100.00 to replace those funds partially (he told me I could send the $1000.00 that day and the remaining the next day). Once I got back home, I checked my bank balance and it was $13.82. At this point I was already beginning to feel scammed. I asked Max if he was stealing my money and if he was I was going to alert the police and my bank. He assured me that the money would be back in my account once my bank opened up the next morning and that he would call me that same morning at 10 AM. May 16th, I checked my bank account around 9:30 AM, the money had not been returned. I called him several times on the 213 number that he had sometimes called me off of. There was no answer so I dialed the 800 number that was given when I first contacted him on May 2nd. I explained what had happened to someone else there (possibly Max’s manager), he was being very rude and told me that they have nothing to do with my money being taken. I called back to get the name and location of the company. He told me the name of the company was “Contact Solutions” and the address he gave me pooled no results so I googled the 800 number which then directed me to , the address listed was 227 Marion Street ave, USA, he gave me a NY address; 221 W. 44th St NY 10026 USA. I called the 800 number back and told him he gave me the wrong address and I demanded that he give me the correct address. He went on to say that I was harassing them because I kept calling, I took a deep breath and explained to him that someone from his company has scammed me and or someone has compromised his company, and also that he needs to give me the correct address so that I could file a report. He calmed down and said that Max would be on his shift in the next half hour. Max eventually called me again “private” to tell me that he never spoke to me on Monday May 15th. This was alarming to me because now that I was sure that I was scammed, I was still unsure as to how the fraud specialist knew the exact procedures to take on my computer, they knew my name and the issues my computer faced, they knew I had purchased the license for $200.00, and they also knew to call me at the scheduled time Monday morning. At this point I lose all trust in HP, Comptech IT Solutions, and over-the-phone customer service. I went to my bank to file a claim and close my account. My bank was unable to refund me because I purchased the ITunes cards and it basically removed the middle man because they couldn’t track the fraudulent activity. Another thing to note is that extra $2000.00 that they “accidentally” put into my account didn’t show up on my bank statement, which is odd because like I said previously, I had my online bank open and my balance went from $1,122.99 to $3,122.99 immediately. According to my bank that amount was never deposited, the only thing that showed up in my statements was the various purchases of ITunes cards, that I made, making me look the fraud.

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