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Crystal –

Victim Location 18360

Total money lost $1,750

Type of a scam Government Grant

In December 2017 I had a phone call from company saying they had been given my name thru medicare and I was eligible to receive general assistance funding from private investors. They gave grants to low income / needy individuals as a tax write off. I was eligible for $25,000. I was very thoughtful and asked lots of questions. They told me I was guaranteed to get the funding but had to pay 7% down on a credit card ,which she reminded me that paying this way was a guarantee to get reimbursed if there was a problem but she assured me several times that I was accepted and the money was guaranteed. . the plan was I pay $1750 ( 7 % ) on a credit card that day by virtual signing and after which they send me paperwork for the programme which takes 6 weeks, which entailed me filling in a question book about my finances and what I would used the funding for, I had to send the booklet back to them when completed the 6 weeks and it would be a further few weeks until the funding check arrived. I complied with all their demands and they phoned me every Wednesday at a certain time to see if I needed any help filling in the book. When I sent the book back they called me about 3 times and then the calls stopped. After 2 months I called them, no response, kept calling and sometimes no response or someone would say " don’t worry, these things sometimes take time but I will get the check.. This went on and on, me calling, no answer. I wrote 2 letters to different address that they had given me and both were return to sender. It is now June 2018 and I have nothing and no way to contact them. They have blocked my phone. This is a terrible rip off to anyone especially a senior person who has non or little savings. I contacted my back to see if they could help but they said no as I has signed the virtual agreement. They also go under the name of Trinity Solutions or Universal Solutions. How could I have been so stupid !

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