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Consumer Service Profiles (CSP) Scam or Legit? Check Consumer Service Profiles (CSP) Reviews below.
Carly –

Victim Location 07945

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received a check, drawn on the Fox Communities Credit Union, for $2350.00. Enclosed with the check was a letter welcoming me to the team of Survey Analyst/Store Evaluators for Customer Service Profiles. The check was a security deposit which I would use to complete the assignment and take my own salary. The assignment needs to be completed within 72 hours. I was instructed to deposit the check immediately ensuring that I collected a deposit receipt. I was then to text to the above number the words FUNDS DEPOSITED. This is mandatory so that they can authorize the issuing bank to release the funds. I was to keep $320 as wages and then go to the Walmart Money Center to send money through Walmart Financial Services, and then buy items which they would then instruct me what to do with them. I was to do both tasks the same day and not identify myself to any of the Walmart staff. I was to check my account balance online 24 hours after the deposit was made. Once the funds were shown as being available I was to text to the same number FUNDS AVAILABLE. They repeatedly say in the letter to deposit the check immediately. And to make sure that I text them. The letter is very blurry and was sent via Priority Mail with the check. I am sure others would follow these directions to the letter and be out this money. I knew that it looked odd and after researching the company online, and reviewing your reviews of the company along with the alert, it concerned me how real this scam would look to someone. The check is from a valid credit union and the address is correct. I hope this assists you in your case against whomever has set up this scam, and is trying to drag the name of this legitimate company through the mud. I have a copy of the check in addition to the letter and the envelope if you would like to have all of the evidence. I could only attach the one photo.

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