Corporate Copier Headquarters

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Casey –

Victim Location 51442

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

The first time I received a call from this "company", the caller was female. She knew my name, because this company had called when I was on my lunch break and another person in the office told them that I was the one that took care of the copier supplies and such. When she-scammer called back, I answered, she told me that she worked at a supply store and they were going to be experiencing increases in the cost of toner. I told her that we call our supplier directly when we need supplies. She told me that she would call back with shipment information. I told her that we dont have things sent to us, we have a maintenance person come when we need things. She hung up. I called the number back, the first two times, i was "disconnected". The third try, a different she-scammer answered and told me that she "couldnt hear me". I told her that I would report her to our Attorney if she continued to call me about toner. She did not say anything. A week later, Today I had a he-scammer call with the same "company". Again asking for me, and telling me there was to be an increase in toner prices and that they were reserving toner for my printer/copier. I told him that "no, we get our supplies from a serviceman". He hung up on me.

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