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Wendy –

Victim Location 31052

Total money lost $2,500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I looked on Craig List for a used car for sale in local middle Ga area and found a really good deal (Honda Accord EXL 2008 Sedan) then proceeded to email person with questions about the vehicle. This is the person response via email message:

Thanks for replying to my ad. I’m selling it because I’m serving in Offutt AFB, Nebraska but I was promoted and transferred to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage Alaska for a 3 years period, so I don’t need it anymore at this time. Let me give you a few details about it: 2008 Honda Accord with only 106,125 miles on it, no accident history, clear title, no dents or dings and no scratches. Always adult driven and garaged, never abused or raced. If you are interested, it’s still available for sale and the price, as stated in the ad, is $2,500.00, so if you have the money ready to buy it email me back.

Vehicle title – Clean

Mileage – 106,125

Transmission – Automatic

Fuel type – Gasoline

I look forward to hearing from you,

SSgt. Martha Pollard

From: eBay-Motors® [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 6:07 PM

To: *** ** ***

Subject: Invoice #ATT55ARYR255

eBay Motors FPS Payment Invoice – Order #ATT55ARYR255

eBay Buyer Protection Order Summary

Dear *** ***,

eBay Seller Martha Pollard started the transaction through eBay Buyer Protection Program!

After verifying the membership of this specific member and confirming his overall good standing, we have approved the development of this transaction,based on Seller’s purchase protection account on file with eBay Safety Department.

Five easy steps to complete your eBay transactions:

Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms: Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the Vehicle, sale price and 10 days for the Buyer’s inspection.

Any invoices that are not paid within 48 hours will expire and your Vehicle will no longer be reserved.

Buyer Pays eBay: If a Buyer has a very low feedback/reputation score or is new to eBay, Credit/Debit card or PayPal is allowed if amount is not greater than $500.

In case that your purchase amount exceeds $500 the Buyer submits payment by iTunes Reloadable Prepaid Gift Cards.

Seller Ships the Vehicle: Upon payment verification, the Seller is authorized to ship the vehicle and submit tracking information. eBay verifies that the Buyer receives the vehicle. The inspection period begins once the Vehicle is delivered.

Buyer receives the Vehicle: The Buyer has 10 days to verify the item and the option to accept or reject. Return shipping will be at the Seller’s expense.

The Seller is Paid by eBay: The transaction is complete. If the buyer is not satisfied, he must notify our agency with the item issues, after the inspection period. A solution to most problems can usually be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller. If this is not possible, the Buyer will receive the money from our trust account.

In case the Buyer refuse to continue the transaction with the Seller from other reasons, our agency will return the funds to the Buyer.

eBay Purchasing Information

Item: 2008 Honda Accord [ DMV Vehicle Inspected / Clear Title]

Sale Price : $2,500.00

Quantity : 1

Shipping : $0.00

FPS Fees : Paid By Seller

Total : $2,500.00

Seller Information: Buyer Information:

Name: Martha Pollard

Address: 1540 Stelten Way

Alpharetta, GA 30004

United States Name: *** ***

Address: *** *** *** *** ** *** United States

eBay Payment Instructions

Payment must be submitted via iTunes – Gift Cards and can be purchased with cash, credit card or debit card at thousands of stores nationwide. First, you purchase a iTunes – Gift Card from a participating retailer. Load cash is onto the pack at checkout. Then you can pay for your Online Shopping on eBay Motors.

iTunes – Gift Cards is an easy and convenient way to send money to where you need it. Through Apple iTunes – Gift Cards Card services we can guarantee you 100% protection and insurance in this transaction. eBay Motors will secure the payment until the buyer receive, inspects and accepts the item. Or, if it will be the case, eBay Motors will refund the payment to the buyer.

You can add only up to $500.00 into iTunes – Gift Card. For your purchase you need to buy 5 iTunes – Gift Cards of $500.00 each

NOTE! In order to avoid any mistakes when buying the iTunes – Gift Cards, you will need to purchase the reloadable version that is available at these stores nationwide:

Once you bought the iTunes – Gift Cards and loaded the debit, confirm your payment by email with the following information:

– iTunes – Gift Card -16 DIGIT NUMBER (scratch-off the portion covering the code).

– Pictures with the back of the iTunes Gift Cards where we can see the PIN Numbers (color pictures & readable, clear).

The funds will not be released under any circumstances. We will hold the payment until you will send us the confirmation that you have received, inspected and you agree to keep the vehicle. When we will have your confirmation we will transfer the funds to your Seller.

For your purchase you have to buy exactly the same cards as the draft exposed:

Why should I use the iTunes – Gift Cards as opposed to other same day money transmitter services?There are many reasons:

Using iTunes – Gift Cards as method of payment you can’t lose your money,practically the buyer make the proof that he has the money and is a serious buyer by providing only the Scratchable codes.

The money will still be in his pocket as vouchers and he can use them anyway he want.

The iTunes – Gift Cards must be handover only after the item is received and tested.

iTunes – Gift Cards can be purchased at locations where you shop for your daily needs

There are no special customer service counters and no forms to fill out

Protection against fraud and misrepresentation

The Vehicle Purchase Protection program is an insurance policy that may protect you in specified circumstances against fraud, breach of warranty and misrepresentation, including the following situations:

• VPP offers protection only for losses associated with eligible transactions for qualifying vehicles in the following situations:

You pay for a vehicle and never receive it.

You send a refundable deposit for a vehicle and never receive it.

You pay for a vehicle and receive it but suffer losses because:

The vehicle was determined by a law enforcement agency to have been stolen at the time of the end of the listing.

The vehicle has an undisclosed or unknown lien against its title.

The vehicle make, model or year is different than what was described in the seller’s listing at the time you placed your bid or offer.

A title is required for the vehicle by your state and the seller’s state but you did not receive a title from the seller and it is not possible to obtain a title from the appropriate DMV.

The vehicle has a title with an undisclosed salvage, rebuilt/rebuildable,unrebuildable, reconstructed, scrapped/destroyed, junk, lemon,

manufacturer buyback, or water damage brand at the time of the end of the listing. (This protection is not available for vehicles listed in the Dune Buggies, Race Cars or Trailers categories.)

The vehicle is less than 20 years old and has more than a 5,000 mile odometer discrepancy from the mileage as stated in the seller’s listing.

In addition, the VPP also provides protection against certain undisclosed damage for vehicles that are less than 10 years old (10 year threshold is based on model year): The vehicle had undisclosed engine, body, transmission, and/or frame damage at the time of purchase that will cost more than $1,000 to repair. The cost of repair to any one of those components must exceed $1,000. For vehicles in the Boats (engine and hull

only), Buses, Commercial Trucks, and RVs & Campers categories, the cost of the undisclosed engine, body, transmission, or frame damage must exceed $1,500. Race Cars are not eligible for this protection. Vehicles that are subject to a recall for this type of damage are not eligible for VPP.

Tracking Number Status: Pending

Please confirm in 2 days (48 hours) your proof payment by replying at this email with the attachments (photos) iTunes – Gift Cards

and the receipt from the store you bought the Cards !


For any questions you can contact eBay Customer Support replying to this e-mail !

Email: [email protected]


eBay Buyer Protection VPP(Trust and Safety Department)

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