Crystal Hill yorkies

Crystal Hill yorkies Scam or Legit? Check Crystal Hill yorkies Reviews below.
Noah –

Victim Location 50662

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I saw their site when I was goggling teacup yorkie’s for sale. Sent them a email. They emailed me back saying the one I wanted was still available. They said they go through paypal so I thought it would be safe. I sent them 500.00 They emailed me shortly afterwards saying they could see where I transferred the money but it was on hold for some reason. They said I could go to walmart and do a money transfer from walmart to walmart. I told them that I didn’t have anymore money until I got a refund from paypal. He refunded my money the same day so I thought it was legit. I then went to walmart and did the transfer. they confirmed they received it but it was after I emailed them the next day about it. They had advertised free shipping and said the puppy was vet checked and would be shipped. I received confirmation from the shipping company ALTON PET DELIVERY. Next they sent another email saying because of some regulation I would have to pay an additional 960.65 for life insurance fee for the puppy. Of course they said it would be refunded after I received the puppy. I sent it to the seller and he said there was nothing that he could do. I could either pay it or cancel my order. I emailed him that I had to cancel my order cause I couldn’t afford additional money so I expected a full refund. Haven’t heard from him since. I have e-mailed him twice now. I had to make the money transfer out to Nelson Hermin in Dules, Virginia 20101

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