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Karl –

Victim Location 97211

Total money lost $43.97

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I googled the State Of Oregon website to purchase a online fishing license . I clicked on the fist choice cause of the way they presented their site, it looked like the state of Oregon fishing and wildlife website. I continued through the site to buy a fishing license when I put my credit card information to get a fishing license I was redirected to a page that was selling all kinds of crap and then I realized they were not the legitimate Oregon State fish and wildlife website and then on the very bottom of the page and really really small writing I noticed it said that they were a third party site and I got off of this site and I emailed them and asked them not to charge my card because I didn’t purchase anything when I looked at my bank statements two days later they charged me two times one for $19.99 and one for $3.99 when I called them they said I ordered books and coupons which I did not they said they have many many websites working under that business name and I feel like they’re just ripping people off they presented their website like it was the state of Oregon Fish and Game website which it was not if somebody could please contact me my phone number

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