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Sara –

Victim Location 76123

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Employment

In July I posted my resume on careerbuilder.com and indeed.com for employment. I begin receiving emails regarding a package handler position working from home. My job was to receive a package and take contents from the package and make sure there were no damages. Once that task was completed then I was supposed to upload the pictures and send them through the job portal to receive a new shipping label and send the package off via FedEx, UPS or USPS. After I took the package to the proper location then my task was done and I was supposed to send them a copy of the receipt showing the task was completed. I received $20 bonuses per package that was sent within 24 hours plus my base salary of $2800.00 per month. I was told and I have the information in writing as well that my first pay check will be available after 9/5/17. Well today is now 9/7/17 and I don’t have my paycheck still and I have been contacting the company like always to call and see what is going on and with my pay and the phone line is continuously busy. Normally I can get through without any problems but now I haven’t been able to get through for the past 2 days. In the employee agreement form I signed it states that as long as I have completed all of my task then I will get paid. All of my task have been completed and I still haven’t heard from anyone. I also have screenshots and messages from myself and this company and I have also spoke with a lady by the name Shon on numerous occasions throughout the last 30 days and now I cant reach her nor anyone because the line stays busy. I also still have packages that i have been requesting for shipping labels for for at least a week now and haven’t gotten a response yet. Can someone please contact me and help me.

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