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Joe –

Victim Location 85629

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A person called me from a blocked number identifying himself as Kevin Thomas a server with Pima County, he told me that I was in quite a bit of trouble and that he had documents to give me for my court date because I was being charged for fraud. He said I had to get a hold of the interested party to make arrangements so I would not be served. I got scared he kept telling me I was in legal trouble I called the number and they told me it was regarding a MasterCard with Continental Finance I had with a balance. They said they were EDS a debt collectors. I told them that card had been payed of in 2013 they said I still owed a remaining balance and that I needed to make payment arrangements so they could cancel the court order. They were pressuring me. I told the. I would talk to my husband and call back. Then the Server called again and asks if I had made arrangements or he would have to serve me. These calls were back and forth. Finally I figured it had to be a scam. Again today the server called me from a blocked number and left a message stating I needed to get a hold of the interested party or he would have to send the papers back undeliverable. I no longer responded

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