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Katherine –

Victim Location 90640

Total money lost $180

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

I was using my personal computer when the company locked my computer and sent a message of a potential harmful virus and to call immediately for them to resolve my issue. They asked me for payment over the phone and for access to my computer. They also tried for me to log in to my bank account while they had access to my computer in order to be able to retrieve sensitive information for my personal banking information.

Jason –

Victim Location 34448

Total money lost $200

Type of a scam Tech Support

My elderly parents received a pop-up message stating that their computer was infected with ‘porn software.’ The next pop-up stated that they were Microsoft and their computer had a virus. This pop-up gave a phone number that they could call to get tech support and anti-viral software. My mom called the number 877-353-1186 and these people charged them $200 (it was $250, but since they were senior citizens, they received a discount). Thankfully my mom paid with a credit card. When I heard about this, I called the number a few times. Every time I called, a person from India would answer, while giving a Western name. When I asked them what part of India they were in, they would tell me that they were in New York. They gave me the address of 42 S. Cherry Valley Ave., West Hempstead, NY 11552 (which is actually a residence). They also told me of their website: One of the supervisors stated that they install the following software through remote access that is granted by the customer: Windows Network Firewall Security, Ad Block, and Optimizer browser protection tool. This all a bunch of bogus software that was installed while they had access to my parents computer. I have called the 5th precinct, Long Island Police Department to notify them of this situation and also to let them know that this residential address is being used. I did discover that this US number is being diverted to India. I also discovered that this is a multi-national group that has many different ‘services.’ When I LInkedIn the group, I received the number of Ak[censored] Sood, who is suppose to be the assistant manager. The number (91 89272 11111) actually was answered by the apparent co-owner named David Dhillon, who is in India. I am not sure what will come of this, however I do know that when we give anyone remote access to our computer, they are able to access any website that we have ever visited and obtain personal information. I was advised by a computer professional to have my parents turn off their computer, unplug it and bring it to a reputable tech support company. We are also in the process of calling their credit card company, etc. This company states that they are able to do web design, tech support, accounting, and much more. The co-owner told me that their billing department is in Hong Kong (I don’t know what to believe at this point). This company- EEN Services- is shady, at best.

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