Effective Chems bank

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Krystal –

Victim Location 97502

Total money lost $210

Type of a scam Phishing

Effective Chems bank


You are advised to take into instructions very carefully and make sure that you understand the content of this mail before proceeding with any requirements. Contact us via email or phone call/text if you have any misunderstanding with the content of this mail.

Contact us on :

*** CALL: (+1) (424) 248-8632

*** EMAIL: [email protected]

Dear Client,

We are contacting you because we have your Package registered with us for delivery.We are sorry for the inconvenience, but your package requires an urgent Electronic Prescription Stamp

REASONS: Please your package is set for delivery but we are having some issues to resolve. We have been instructed to provide an Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) for you declaring that you are eligible or qualified to consume this product for medical purpose or work on it for research purposes. Please we are under pressure not to ship out your package to you unless we provide this (EPCS)

which is going to make you eligible to consume this product for medical purpose or work on it for research purpose . Please this will require a stamp to authenticate the EPCS. The stamp for the EPCS will cost you $300 .

CONSEQUENCE: The consequence is during the check up process, if we notice any type of illegal substance in your package, it will be forwarded to the DEA for further check up, and You the receiver will face the law and be judged. Sir, you are to provide a 90% fully recovered fee of $300 for the Electronic Prescription Stamp or your package shall be forwarded to the DEA for check up.

Below is your information that we are using for the delivery.

Package Basic Information

Number of Packages: 1

Name of Package: MDPV

Brand of Package: Discrete

Delivery Reg. numbers: EE210345564WC

Local Standard Time: 07:51 am

Those are the information we think you can use for confirmation about if we have the right package you were expecting.

Package Current Delivery Status

Delivery Registration Confirmed

Package Departure Time 2015/11/24

Package Arrival Time Pending

Delivery Date 2015/11/25

Latest Arrival Date 2015/11/26

Documents and Certificates

Payment Confirmation Pending

That is the delivery status of your package. We need to confirm all the Pending files. We can only proceed with the delivery once every file is being Confirmed. To enable us do the confirmation of the Pending files, is to provide us with the Electronic Prescription Stamp charge by making your payment. You are to make the payment of $300 USD as soon as possible because your package is registered under an urgent first class delivery.

N/B: You shall be making your payment using Western Union . We require that you make your payment to the Sender’s of the package since we work directly with them to ensure fast and secured delivery of your package. You shall be getting back to us with the MTCN Number, the Sender’s Name and the amount sent so we could forward to them for confirmation and Debit their account with the required amount.

Secretary: Luz Perez

Branch director: Annette Reiley

Branch manager: Yolanda Houff

—— SIGN ——



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